2 - Violences a l’école et origine sociale des élèves pour une réflexion épistémologique sur l’objet « violence »

-Daniel Faggianelli, Université d’Artois, RECIFES EA 4520, France.
-Cécile Carra, Université d’Artois, LEM CNRS UMR 9221, France.

For the sociologists, the prevalence of violences in school for the popular categories seems acquired. The correlation is established and explained by causal models borrowing in priority from research on deviance and research on the working class. The variation between schoolboys of popular environment and schoolboys of the middle-class or the upper-classe appears less visible until questioning its rough reality. More than with a simple adjustment of the statistical tools, this difference calls with the reflexion on the construction of the violence object.

Keywords : Victimation, violence à l'école, inégalités, variable sociale, socialisation, rapports sociaux, victimization, school violence, inequalities, social variable, socialization, social reports.

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