3- Enhancing teacher wellbeing socio-poetically through the mindfulness of seminaria

- Gaylene Denford-Wood, Flinders University, School of Education, Adelaide, Australia

Teacher wellbeing is a vital indicator of school climate. Internationally teacher attrition correlates with chronic stress, while growing evidence shows the potential of mindfulness in stress alleviation. Heuristic Inquiry into a poetry practice ‘the mindfulness of seminaria’ adopted by teachers and leaders, ECE to higher education, State and private, in NZ and the UK, evidenced wellbeing using OECD measures. Seminaria became a simple tuning-in device, like a poetry-app. to which teachers could turn for renewal when stressful feelings undermined their calm, concentration and creativity.

Keywords : Teacher wellbeing, mindfulness, poetry-app, socio-poetics, heuristic inquiry, reflective practice, action research, bienêtre enseignant, pleine conscience, application pour la poésie, socio-poésie, recherche heuristique, pratiques réflexives, recherche action..


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