The TABBY project

The “T.A.B.B.Y. in Internet” project (Threat Assessment of Bullying Behavior in Youth - DAPHNE program JUST/2011-2012/DAP/AG/3259)
(Blaya Catherine, Fartoukh Michael)
This project addresses negative challenges faced by teachers, school counselors, instructors, chief directors, parents and students related to youths' use of digital media, the Internet and cell phones and other interactive device: mainly cyberbullying, cyber threats and sexting.
The project aims to increase knowledge, skills to protect young people when using internet, mobile, social networks, school but also off-campus from victimisation by peers or other youngsters or adults by setting up a system for school officials and students themselves for the identification of risk factors and assessment of cyberbullying, cyberthreats and sexting and take adequate preventive actions to protect themselves and victims from such noxious behaviors.

The partners: