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03/03/2015 - The IOVS adopted the Respect Zone Label

  The Respect Zone Charter

Affixing the Respect Zone logo on your website, means publicly displaying your civic engagement against cyberbullying. In practice, it also means joining our charter stipulating the four terms of use for the label :

1- I respect the conditions of use of the label and do not publish or support any discriminatory content (harassment, racism, antisemitism, sexism, homophobia and stigmatism of disability).

2- If violent, discriminatory or hateful online content is published on my website or my online page, I choose to withdraw and if appropriate, mark my distance from this content (in a respectful way).

3- The Respect Zone label is shown on my homepage or at the topof the page, with a link to and the official website.

4- I take care to not misuse the Respect Zone label

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